Sunday, 18 September 2011

Accepting Injustices

A bit of a mouthful that can leave a bitter taste. Quite frankly life sometimes just isn't fair. Due to work commitments my planned Sunday 100k ride became a steady 10k run. Just enough time to ponder over my day's blog entry. I found myself reliving the disappointments of yesterday that were still bubbling away. Having won 3 trophies last year and having run even better this year, I excitedly drove to Wellington to my harrier club's prize giving to collect the 2 cups that I believed had my name on them. However to my horror, due to a technical stuff up, I left empty handed as they were mistakingly awarded and handed to my rivals. Although I had no silverware to show for my efforts this year, I left feeling proud of what I had achieved in competition as the trophy holders sheepishly departed for home knowing injustices had been done. Though the cups had been taken from under my nose the moral victories remained.


Lea White said...

A planned 100k bike ride??? Wow! I cannot even begin to comprehend cycling this distance. Oh what a big disappointment that must have been Paul! But well done on all your achievements. You certainly have a lot to be proud of!

Hayley said...

Hey Paul, thanks for stopping by my blog!
Just joined yours, going to start reading it now :-)

And will actually be in the Land of the Kiwi, nexy year for a few weeks!

Paul said...

Thanks Hayley for your comments. Hope you enjoy reading my blogs. New Zealand has a lot to see and do. Hope you enjoy your visit.