Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Becoming a Song Writer

I remember the words clearly 'Why don't you try writing your own songs'. About ten years ago this innocent comment from my wife came after once again hearing me thrash my favourite Bob Dylan and Neil Young songs on my guitar. It seemed something of a crazy idea but possibly could be worth a go. I thought that a love song would be appropriate under the circumstances. The line We Belong Together popped into my head and so was born my first song with the aid of pen, paper and a tape recorder. It can be found on my C.D 'Chasing Rainbows'. I was so pleased with myself and the ease the song came to me that I wrote a song every evening for a month. My second song 'Run with the Wind was talked about in my blog First Running Steps. I'm so glad that I was given the encouragement to write as it has opened up a World of Creativity that I didn't know was waiting to surface and to be shared with others.

We Belong Together

I'm wondering where I'm going to
I'm wondering where I've been
You came along when I needed you
And showed me how to dream

We belong together and make our plans forever

You walk on beside me
And help me to believe
In the way that I live my life
With a future to see


The beauty in this world of ours
Is so precious and clean
It captures and embraces
In peace and serene


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Lea White said...

Beautiful words Paul! You really are so talented! And you have a lot to be proud of! How wonderful that your wife recognised your talent and supported and encouraged you to make your dreams come true!