Friday, 23 September 2011

On my mind

I've been having a lot of fun discovering new blogs and I quite like this photo feature that I found here

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So this is on my mind:

Apart from teaching and running, music is one of my passions.  This photo shows some of my favourite things - my guitar, one of the 150 songs I have written the past 12 years, a few of my CDs I produced and my pride and joy - a picture book called "You're not eating me" (click here to listen to a snippet of what my "You're not eating me" song sounds like).  I simply love how learning can come alive with music and I witness this every single day with my students.  They simply love it when I play and sing to them!


Denise said...

Such a talented man you are---I can see why your students love being in your class!
Thanks for sharing!

visiting from Down To Earth

Becky said...

I agree... music connects information so much smoothly inside our brains. Give anything a jingle and it sticks. Thanks for being EXTRA...ordinary!