Friday, 30 September 2011

On my mind

I participate in this feature which I found here:

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This is on my mind:

This is my pride and joy.  It is on my mind because this coming Sunday I'll be going for another leisurely 100km (approx. 62 miles) bike ride.  I ride with the Kapiti Cycling Club and usually our group leaves from Paraparaumu and the route includes Peka Peka beach (where our famous Emperor Penguin, Happy Feet arrived), Te Horo Beach, Otaki Beach, Manakau, Otaki Gorge, back to Te Horo and finally home.  It takes us approximately 3.5 hours at a steady clip of 30 kmh (approx. 18 mph).


Chris said...

Hi Paul, visiting from Down to Earth, good luck with the bike ride 100Ks is a long way. I would love to learn guitar. Well done you play and sing really well. TFS

blackhuff said...

Like you take pride in your bike (biking), I take pride in my running shoes :) I know exactly what your talking about :)
Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend.

Lea White said...

I still can't actually comprehend riding 100kms! Enjoy the ride on Sunday! Hope the weather is okay to be out and about!

Rose said...

100k? Wow. Have a great time Paul.

Tania @ Out Back said...

Geez 100km bike ride, good on you. I am exhausted just thinking about it lol. I see you are a great singer and guitarist too...very talented :)

Have fun on Sunday!

I am visiting you today from the Down to Earth blog.

BarefootBride said...

I've got family in NZ and some of the names of the places you are riding through I think I've been to.

Good luck on your ride and hope the weather is good for you.

Visiting from Down to Earth.

Buttons said...

Wow this is exciting good luck. B