Monday, 12 September 2011

First Running Steps

STUCK OUT ON THE WING.....ELEVENTH MAN IN...An unglamorous start to sporting endeavours. Frustrated by Team Sports and a determined and encouraging 9th in the School Cross Country at the age of 10, sowed the seeds for a rewarding and eventful Life of Running.
I love being able to participate and compete in an activity that is healthy and self motivating and has obvious and tangible rewards.
Running has given me an opportunity to compete locally, regionally and nationally and taken me to Europe to represent New Zealand in Mountain Running. Quite unexpected for someone who as a child had little natural talent and who's father regularly told others that as a child looked ungainly walking let alone running.
Experiences has shown what persistence and hard work can achieve if you have the desire.
The pleasure I have got from daily putting one foot in front of the other at sometimes rapid speed has shaped my life and given me a sense of purpose and self fulfilment that nothing else could possibly give me.
Following are the lyrics of a song I wrote called Run with the Wind that tells my Running Story:-

2010 N.Z Road Relay - Inglewood

Looking out at the play outside
Feeling safe and wanting to hide
Children busy having fun
Thoughts are pounding...gotta run

Run with the wind...don't look back
Run with the wind...keep on track

Noises everywhere people stare
Who's that they care
Running hot and running straight
Keep on can't be late


As the years go running by
Gotta keep going the pounding cries
No good time to lose
A voice is time to choose


Nothing's changed and never will
For this solitary running fool
As he quickly races on
To further glories and sings his song



Lea White said...

Wow! What an inspiring story Paul! So often we give in to the "I can't do it" or if somebody else says we can't do it. And just look at your amazing achievements!

I'll never forget when I was 13 and I told my grandmother I thought I might become a poet one day and she very quickly told me that that was a silly idea and that I couldn't do that when I was grown up. It is inspiring to see that you achieved this despite what you were told.

Love the song so by the way!

blackhuff said...

"Experiences has shown what persistence and hard work can achieve if you have the desire."
This is so true. Many hear it but many don't want to follow it.