Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Being True to Yourself

I had to make a career decision today. Do I take the easy option or go with my heart?
   I have taught mainly 7 - 10 year olds during my time of teaching. I have had many successes and the very occasional disappointment. All the ages have had their positives and challenges. It has been a matter of adapting to their at times quite different needs and fine tuning my teaching approach. The older children are great to teach as they have more independence. However for myself I have discovered that the younger children really respond to me and I love their energy and enthusiasm.
   This year I have had great fun with my year 3 class. I have thoroughly enjoyed my daily singing with the children. We’ve sung songs from Postman Pat to a bunch of New Order and Elliott Smith songs which I suspect are foreign to many and not in a typical classroom selection. They are songs I have loved to sing and play. It’s wonderful to see the children in full voice and at times jumping around as I play the guitar and sing with them.
   I’ve also loved the way they have got excited by words and how animated they get when they discover them in their reading and use them in their writing and learn to spell words like ‘circumstantialities’.  
   So in whether to go old or young my heart told me that I should teach the younger children as it felt the right decision.
   Have you had recent difficult decisions to make and how did you decide what was the right one?


Lea White said...

Thank you for your comment and for the birthday wishes. Yes, it is quite an extensive list and I know there will probably be some of it I won't achieve, but it gives me something to work towards :-). And who knows - I might just surprise myself :-)

I think it is very important to be true to yourself and to do what you believe is right for you. We feel truly blessed that our daughter have had this year with you and wow! How amazing to see her so passionate about her learning and it is all thanks to you and your passion for teaching!

As for difficult decisions, you know which one we are dealing with right now and I believe that with your guidance we will make the right decision.

Lea White said...

... has had (not have had). Sigh!

Paul Forster said...

Thanks Lea. It has been a joy to teach Bianca this year! I'm glad I have managed to challenge her and make learning fun and rewarding for her.

blackhuff said...

I have had difficult decisions to be made in the past, this year as well. Some have been made by my heart and others through logical thinking. It all depends on the situation and problem, in my opinion.
Glad you could make a decision which you are now comfortable with.