Friday, 23 September 2011

Remembering 9/11

Now in September we remember those thousands of lives deeply affected 10 years ago by the atrocity of 9/11.  We all remember what we were doing at the time when we heard the shocking and bewildering news.

I had just come back from a run as I typically do every morning before school.  My next door neighbour came over at 8:00 to tell me about what had occurred and like so many I was in shock!  I jumped on my bike and rode in quick time to school as I pondered over the horrendous and surreal information I had been told.

Even though I was a long way away from the catastrophe I felt great empathy for those whose lives would forever be changed. I myself had been fortunate to have gone to the top of one of the Twin Towers in 1985. Subsequently I feel I have some perspective of the magnitude of what happened.

When arriving at school I just needed to express some of those thoughts in word and song.  So on that very day was born a tribute in song simply called Twin Towers.  Later it was recorded on my Coming Home album, sung by a teacher at my school. 

Today I am dedicating this song to all those affected a decade ago.  Click here to hear my song.

Do you have your own memories of that day or stories / feelings you would like to share?

What ruthless minds plan such crimes
Against humanity in this space and time
Shall they sleep at night or wake with fright
Images flash by... horrendous sights

Blood chilling news...shattered we muse
How senseless and pointless the loved ones we lose

Unsuspecting travellers boarded crafts
Trusting unaware of changing air paths
Whole families close friends...innocent lives
Destination eternal husbands and wives

Young children at school unknowing how cruel
The tragic unfolding under terrorist rule
Parents they never again will view
Today not ever no more lives they knew

Twin Towers of grandeur quick crumpled brought down
Desperate New Yorkers watch calamity around
Screams of anguish disbelief widespread abound
Panic sets in high and on ground

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Lea White said...

I was at work at the time and remember watching the horror happen on TV. I remember the disbelief that I felt and also the immense sadness I felt for those affected.