Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Lucky Father of Two Beautiful Girls

I had spent many years just trying to take care of myself. It was a bit of a struggle at times but got through to my late 20's reasonably unscathed. Little did I know that my entire world would be turned around when our two lovely girls arrived on the scene.

I discovered in myself extremely strong paternal instincts and delighted in being a doting dad. I loved taking the girls to parks and having an excuse to be a big kid on the swings and slides. I was thrilled to take the girls on runs and watch them compete in races and triathlons. It was fun watching them grow and learn. Birthdays and holidays were special times.

Our trip to America was the most amazing experience with visiting National Parks, Disneyland, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Grand Canyon and San Francisco.

I regard myself particularly fortunate to have had the opportunity to share my life with our two incredible girls. I am thankful to have had such wonderful experiences of being a father.

As the girls reach an age of independence it is reassuring that the relationships we've had with our girls have helped develop them into confident and healthy young adults.

This special relationship is reflected in my song Will Be Right Here. Click here to listen

                                                          Will Be Right Here

                                          Forget worries and cares...lay rest your fears
                                          Daddy's close by...will be right here

                                          Nothing will get you while safe in my arms
                                          No danger awaits you will do you harm
                                          Be soothed and settled peaceful calm
                                          I'll cool your brow deep sleep allow

                                          The troubles of the day let them go away
                                          Cuddle up warm....restful stay
                                          Snuggled up tight as a bug in a rug
                                          As I comfort you gently wuth kisses and hugs

                                          The sandman is coming he's waiting to call
                                          As eyes become heavy into slumber fall
                                          We'll see you tomorrow as a new day unfurls
                                          My dearest most precious sweet little girl


Lea White said...

What a beautiful song you wrote for your girls! I think a dad / daughter bond is indeed a special thing!

Paul said...

Thanks Lea!I feel quite emotional about this song. It brings back strong feelings of pride to have spent those precious growing up days with the girls.

Lea White said...

I bet it does Paul! Hard when they grow up though, but I bet you feel really proud to see how well they are doing!

Buttons said...

This is a very endearing song the relationship between a Father and Daughter is the most important one in the world. MY Dad died 4 years ago and I miss him but he made me feel special and it was the bases for my picking my husband. I would not settle for anything less than a great respectful man just as my Father had treated me. Respect and Love. You sound like that same kind of Father your girls are very lucky. I have two girls and they say that I set the bar so high as to what kind of man to marry they are having trouble finding one. Thank you for posting your song. B

cat said...

Oh I love the father daughter bond - so special.