Wednesday, 27 June 2012


A bit starved for ideas for blogging as little of interest is happening at the moment I can tell you about. So thought I'd turn to my back up of song lyrics that I have written for inspiration.

This poem / song has not yet been recorded so can only provide you with the lyrics.

It is written from a child perspective about what children really want and need. There are many children who materially might have all they possibly could want but as we all know money and possessions can not buy you happiness. Having money is important for a comfortable life but true happiness lies within.

Many children in our world are becoming more and more confused with everything out there in our capitalist world and much time is spent in entertainment and solitude. There is a real disengagement at times from what they really need.

Here is Warmth...Love that expresses these feelings better than any further ramblings on my part:- 

Warmth…love that’s all we need
A flower grows from the smallest seed
Protect us from choking weeds
Nurture ‘til we’re strong indeed

On you we trust…depend
A helping hand will you lend

Money …toys can do without
As long as you’re around…about
To give your time and self to us
Care and trust…honesty’s a must

Will you be our very best friend?
Draw us in or turn away…send?

What you give will three fold return
Through your guidance teach us to learn
Encourage with smiles not faces stern
Build bridges not break down…burn


What special ways do you give warmth and love to your children? What activities do you do with your children that helps bond you as a family?


Lea said...

They are great lyrics. You should record it at some point.

Don't unplug your hub. said...

I agree with Lea. Nice lyrics. I'd like to hear you sing this too.

Ellie said...

Great lyrics Paul and I totally agree with what you are saying about kids having to much in the way of material goods. How on earth did we manage in our days as kids!!!

Victor e suas opiniƵes said...

I would like to hear you sing too, great lyrics!

Paul said...

Hi Victor
Thanks for keeping in touch with me on my blog. It was great meeting you!

Valerie said...

Love the lyrics, Paul. Hope you record them sometime.

Buttons said...

Hugs lots of hugs and support not monetary they need to learn those lessons themselves.
I love your lyrics Paul. It is true there is too much focus on things.
I used to spend hours in the bookstore with my girls and free art shows and free museum days. They have such a love of the arts now and are truly wonderful caring adults. Lots of hugs. :) B