Saturday, 18 February 2012

We're Much Deeper

Here is a light - hearted look at love and romance from a male perspective.
I hope both my male and female audience can have some appreciation of my slant on relationships. As we all know the genders don't always see eye to eye on all the important issues in life such as sport, television, sport on television and social brotherhood.
Hope you get a chuckle out of my poem / song that has unfortunately not yet been recorded. My sport and new television has not allowed for it! 
Apologies to anyone who finds certain comments in any way offensive. The content is to amuse only and not to be taken too seriously. 

We're Much Deeper
'After one thing' the ditty they sing
Lord knows we're much deeper than a one night fling

Next to useless...single tracked minds
Narrow...self-centred...what's yours is mine
Trust us...will do...even visit in-laws
During commercials...undividedly yours
Are not our only pass-times...honest...we care
An occasional least once a year
Loose change to remote you can share

Want romantic...look no'll see
There's no-one more charming...sentimental than me
I'm your man...tender...thoughtful through
What you need...just ask...will do for you

Misunderstood now for so long
Time to speak out...stand up...right wrongs
We've played your game...continue to lose
Look from our point of view...try wearing our shoes


Lea said...

Had to smile at this entry of yours!

You do know what's going to happen next right? You're going to have to play the song for me because now I'm wondering what it sounds like!

Important issues in life - sport, television, sport on television and social brotherhood??? :-) oh the priorities... I'm sure Jo's list for you might be ever so slightly different... ;-)

And you are right...womanizing,racing, rugby and beer are not the only pass-times - things have certainly changed for you in particular - there is also blogging, rolling your eyes at Lea's crazy ideas, blogging some more, listen to a bit of Elliott Smith, some more blogging and sighing when you see yet another email from Lea with some or the other "bright idea" while you are busy writing your next blog entry... ;-)

Ellie said...

Nice to think what the other half think - certainly made me chuckle :))

Don't unplug your hub said...

Thanks for this Paul. You have helped me to realise where I went wrong! Too late now though I fear. But if romance should come back into my life I will certainly buy her a television of her own. With a remote of course! :-)