Thursday, 23 February 2012

Nothing Will Be The Same

With Kate's departure I'm in a reflective mood.

According to Jo, Kate is really excited to be up in Palmerston North for University. She is quickly settling in to her new home and has trained with the local swimming club. They are a competitive squad and Kate hopes to continue to swim with them. That will be so awesome for her.

As for me I need to let go and be thankful that she has ambition and desire to pursue her studies. I'm sure she will pursue a career that is rewarding and meaningful. On the way there I am sure she will make lots of friends and grow into a person that will be a productive member of society.

Here is an old poem / song I wrote quite a few years back on friendship. It has some connection to my current feelings on Kate leaving. 

Nothing will be the same

It saddens me you have to go
While away will miss you so
What the future holds could never know
Time may tell…reveal…show


Without you nothing will be the same

If I could would do it over again

Childhood memories come flooding back
You always managed…had the knack
Of getting your way…the very last say
Whether indoors or out at play



In you a true friend I’ve found

Would struggle to cope if you weren’t around

Close we were through the early years
So much fun enjoyed…happiness shared
Gave me comfort and dried my tears
When needed…always there




Lea said...

I also felt a bit reflective in my post yesterday when I wrote about Caitlyn's start at school.

I'm sure it is a reflective time for you. It is a really bitter-sweet time for you right now! And will be for a little while still until you are used to it.

This song / poem you shared is lovely. I'm sure it is one I've just listened to just this morning!

Sarah said...

Paul, funny you should post this today, as guess who I bumped in to at Uni this lunchtime :) There I was walking over to my department building, actually thinking about Kate, wondering how she was getting on, and there she was in the hallway heading over to an orientation lecture I think in the same building! :) We said hello very briefly, as she was heading in the door, but I've just messaged her too :)

It'll be a new normal soon :)Look forward to all the new things she'll get up to and tell you about :) and hey, we never really leave home! We come back!!

blackhuff said...

I'm sorry to read that you are a bit down about your daughter. I'm sure you will get over this and feel better soon. Maybe when you see how good she is doing in University.

Buttons said...

Oh I love this song. I have been there sending both my girls far away for school.It can be tough but they are very capable young woman I am very proud of.It is a good thing. B

Don't unplug your hub said...

I know how you feel Paul, but there is so much more happiness yet to come. Life is, to put it simply, just a series of different phases. Your song could have been written for me. Best wishes.

Ellie said...

I know where you are coming from - I dread my girls leaving home. My oldest girl is away from home a lot - with her work - but she does still come home. It is a strange feeling as it is also exciting as there whole world is ahead of them.