Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Hill Race

Yesterday evening was Kapiti Cycling Club's annual hill climb from Reikorangi up the Akatarawa mountain.

After an initial 2 km [1 mile] flattish sprint there was a 6 km slog up to the Akatarawa Summit.

The race was staggered at mostly 1 minute gaps. I was seeded 6th so I was the sixth last to start at 18:30 from the first rider.

Last year I was a bit slow on the flat section so this time I set off quicker to ensure I didn't lose much time to the faster riders. I was confident that I could race up the mountain quicker than most.

Although as always racing is a challenge I felt strong. I was thrilled on arrival at the summit to see that it had only taken me 20:49 which was 1:30 quicker than last year. I had the 6th fastest time with the top 5 all being top under 20 cyclists.

Click here for the results!


Lea said...

Well done on your race Paul as well as the improvement on last year! I can't imagine anybody going fast up a mountain. That's a really nice photo of you! You're looking really smart in your new gear. We should do a photo of you cycling while you are wearing it so we can update your blog header.

blackhuff said...

Well done on your event. You did so great and also doing it uphill. Now that's impressive.

affectionforfitness said...

I did check out the results! Excellent Paul! Really great!

:-) Marion

Ellie said...

I checked the result Paul, well done you did really well.