Saturday, 25 February 2012

Waltz No 2

Here is Lea's favourite Elliott Smith song that I recorded 2 nights ago. Those of you who heard Angeles and liked it should absolutely love this song. It is probably his best song out of about 50 amazing songs.

Unfortunately I can't sing as good as him but I'm quite pleased with my version of his wonderful song Waltz No 2!

Click here to hear my version of Lea and my favourite Elliott Smith song!

Would love to hear your opinion of this song!


Lea said...

My absolute favourite song! Another really good performance Paul! You did it really well! This song is one that really touched me the first time I heard it. Perhaps because aspects of it I felt I could sort of relate to.

Lea said...

And I have to add, I really like your voice in this performance as well as the intensity you added!

blackhuff said...

I love this song. Agree with you that this is most definitely one of his best songs.