Sunday, 12 February 2012

Cycling News

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Apologies to those of you who are getting tired of my cycling stories but today was a special day as it was my first inter-club competition. I will keep it short.

I travelled over with Finlay and Bob in Bryan's car to Featherston in the Waiarapa. We first registered and prepared ourselves for our pre race warm up.

From Left - Bob, Bryan and Finlay

I started in Break 2 but our group was quickly caught by Break and Scratch. I was happy with my ride as I was able to keep with the pace until the last 500 metres. Finlay had a great ride and finished in the top 5. Bryan passed me in the last 100 metres but on time was well ahead as his break group had started 7 minutes behind my group.

There was a huge group of riders and at times I found myself feeling rather intimidated and concerned for my safety as riders came around me from all directions.

This is definitely a different ball game to my running competitions.

The good news for the day for me was being kitted out with top, cycle shorts and socks by Bob who runs the clothing company Elite Bike Gear. Support his business by going to his link. Click here!

Proudly wearing my new cycling gear


Lea said...

Well done on your race! Sounds exhausting, but sounds like you did really well! The new cycling gear looks good. I'm sure Bob will appreciate the recognition you have given him for the nice thing he did for you!

Victor e suas opiniƵes said...

You did really well on your competition Mr. Paul!

Ellie said...

That bicycle race sounds like hard work - but I know you thrive on that. Well done.

Paul said...

Hi Victor
Thank you for continuing to visit my blog and thanks for voting for me in the Wiggle Search.