Friday, 17 February 2012

Don't Stay Away Long

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This is a reflective poem / song on our eldest girl, Kate's upcoming departure to Massey University next Wednesday. She will be studying Human Nutrition.

It was not specifically written for her as it was done several years ago. I'm sure many of you can identify with friends and family leaving whether temporary or permanently. There is a sadness and a feeling of loss!

I know Kate is going to be just up the road 100 km [60 miles] but it is hard even for fathers to see their baby grow up and leave the family home. I do expect we will however see Kate regularly as I'm sure it will be a big move for her after being in the family home for 19 years.

Don't Stay Away Long 

It seems so short the time we've spent
How quickly passed by...came and went
With grateful wishes sent
Bid you farewell...heartfelt meant

We'll miss you while gone
Don't stay away long
Walking life's highways you journey on
Come back soon...where you belong

A tower of strength your presence brought
Deeply relied much you've taught
Sharing together we've greatly learnt
Knowledge gained...respect have earnt


Although with sadness we say good-bye
Believing and hoping...only a short while
We'll be waiting here with welcoming smiles
When weary from travelling long distant miles


Come back soon where you belong

1 comment:

Lea said...

I like this song Paul! I was wondering when Kate will be off to uni. I bet she's going to do great! I'm sure it will be hard for you, but as you say she won't be too far away :-). Nevertheless next week is probably going to be quite hard for you!