Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tiring Tuesday

It has been a tiring Tuesday but finished on a high note with my best ever Cycle Race time.

We cycled on our usual 4 x 10 km [25 mile] course and I managed to keep with all but 2 of the riders until the last 30 seconds of the race. Finished in my best time of 59:04! I'm definitely starting to feel like a cyclist and I'm really enjoying the challenge and riding with speed in a group.

Jo reminded me today that I need to celebrate those things that make me happy.

The trials and tribulations are made all the much better by having the support of loved ones and friends.

This poem / song I wrote is dedicated to those people who truly care and are there with a listening ear!

Be Glad…Rejoice

Be glad rejoice all as one in voice
Now’s the time make the right choice
Fill your life with happiness…peace
Let your sorrows departing cease

Don’t ever despair I am here
Unload your cares on me to bear

I know life’s challenges cause some pain
Are weighed down and crumple under the strain
Falling stumble now and again
Wondering how long can remain sane


I will comfort in me you’ll find
Someone who’ll rest and ease your mind

Though hard have listened unheard a word sound
Have looked for answers but few were found
In circular motion gone round and around
But now no longer no need to feel down



Lea said...

Great post Paul!

How neat that you had your best ever cycle race time! Well done! And Jo is right, you have to celebrate the things that make you happy! You should start feeling like a cyclist because you really are one! A very competitive and determined one I might add.

I really like the words in this song / poem of yours!

Don't unplug your hub said...

Whatever the outcome of the race, I believe you are always the winner Paul.

Victor e suas opiniões said...

You did really well in these time like u alawys do! well done Mr. Paul.