Monday, 2 January 2012

Wet Weekend

Saturday was a miserable day with constant rain! I did manage to have a run in the wet in the morning. I decided also that I should have another run in the afternoon since bike riding wasn't so appealing.

For New Year's Eve we visited friends for some quiet drinks and jovial company. Unusually this year we managed to see the New Year in.

On awaking Sunday morning early I contemplated whether my proposed 8 am bike ride with the Kapiti Cycling Club was a prudent move. Being sleep deprived and feeling a little worse for wear I decided to brave it and hope for the best.

On arrival at our meeting point I was informed that we would be riding 120 km and taking on two formidable climbs.

Today was the day that my new racing wheels were being put to the test. I was somewhat anxious but mainly excited to see what if any difference they would make. I was delighted to discover that I was riding faster on the flat, felt great and was able to attack the hills almost effortlessly. I was also thrilled to see that I was competing extremely well with the other riders. I am now greatly looking forward to upcoming races.

After 4 and a half hours and 120 km of riding I had a quick lunch and proceeded with my family to visit our good friends Lea, Terence, Bianca and Caitlyn. Lea had a lovely afternoon tea ready for us. Bianca admirably entertained Kate and Alice on the Wii. The adults had a short game of Dominion and had a catch up on the New Year celebrations. We had a great social time and Terence kept us amused with some dry witty dialogue.

Here are some photos of the afternoon!


Lea said...

You are so brave going out running in the wet weather. And doing a 120km bike race is amazing. In my world I don't use 120km and bike race in the same sentence :-). Good to hear your racing wheels were worth it. So I'm guessing cycling will now become a much more competitive sport for you than before?

It was lovely to have you all over for afternoon tea. Must do it again sometime soon! And once you got the hang of the Wii games, you did really well. There are a number of other games that I think you will enjoy and in the near future will challenge you on some of them again :-).

Ellie said...

Wow that was some bike ride. Well done!!
Sounds as if you have had a good New Year.

Kevin and Ruth said...

Happy New Year. Sounds like you had a great New Year's Eve and a lot of fun with friends on New Year's Day.

Looks like money well spent on those bike tires. Glad that they seem to be working out well.

Kevin and Ruth

Victor e suas opiniões said...

Well done Mr. Paul!! thats quite amaizing!

Don't unplug your hub said...

I stayed indoors, out of the rain. I did do some painting though. It wasn't too strenuous.