Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dunedin Days

On leaving Queenstown after 3 days of the high life we headed down to Dunedin which was a 4 hour drive!

We stayed at the Brighton Motor Camp. Brighton is a coastal settlement about 20 km south west of Dunedin. That night we took my dad out to the Cableways Tavern for dinner. Dad ordered a lamb dish that we warned him prior that it might be too spicy. Sadly for dad that was the case and he left most of it uneaten.

I had no problem with mine!

After dinner we dropped my dad at the Little Sisters of the Poor where he now calls home and is a hit with the sisters and staff.

The following day the rest of my family headed to Timaru to see Jo's mum and brothers. As is as customary for me while in Dunedin I took Dad out for some games of pool at the Normanby Tavern. It is a great place to go as it is quiet and I can buy dad a beer and play pool with him. He is as sharp as ever on the pool table and as I put on my post at Xmas time he beat me 4 - 0. The score line however does not reflect the competitive nature of the games with dad getting a lot more lucky breaks than me. However as they say that is Fish and Chip paper now! Here is the maestro in action!

No visit to the Normanby is complete without chancing your luck at the Pokies. Most times I go with dad he does quite well but it wasn't to be on this occasion! He only lost some loose change!

It was fantastic to see dad in such fine form. He is feeling so good at the moment that he has decided to enter the New Zealand Masters Games being held in Dunedin early February. He will be playing singles and doubles in Table Tennis and I suggested he might consider Pool. He will be entered in the 80 - 84 age group and I think he has a realistic chance of winning a medal!

Good Luck dad I will be following the results with interest!


Lea said...

Great photos! And lovely to see the photos you took. Your dad looks great for somebody in his 80s and how lovely that he is still able to do the things he does! Even if he does give you a run for your money ;-)

Becky said...

Love the photos.Your Dad seems to have had a marvelous time with you all.

Ellie said...

Your dad looks great. Playing table tennis - that is impressive. Good luck to him I hope he wins.

Victor e suas opiniƵes said...

That`s quite good how your dad its great to do thing for is age, hope one day i can play table tennis with him heheh...

Paul said...

Hi Victor
Dad plays good table tennis and pool for someone his age. You make sure you keep practising for your return visit to New Zealand!

Victor e suas opiniƵes said...

I will ;)