Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Cycling Duty

As in swimming, cycling can not operate without the efforts of officials. I was rostered for marshalling duty last night. All Kapiti Cycling Club members need to do at least 2 duties over the summer racing series so the races held on Tuesday nights can operate safely.

This race was a 12 km [7 miles]Time Trial and as I am not really a speed merchant but prefer the longer and hillier races I was not unhappy to be rostered to marshall.

The Time Trial started just north of Waikanae Beach. It headed out to the Peka Peka roundabout and across towards SH1 and return. Riders would start individually in 30 second intervals with the slower riders usually starting first. You don't want to register late as you would end up with the fastest riders at the back.

My responsibility was to ensure the safety of the cyclists at the roundabout. I needed to stop motorists by holding out an orange flag and calling out to the cyclists 'CLEAR' as they approached to make their right turn. At times this job can become tricky as cars can come from different directions at the same time. Also the job can become more tricky when having to deal with impatient and obnoxious drivers. Thankfully I had a good batch last night and some inquisitive and friendly spectators.

See if you can spot any of the important people in orange jackets or holding orange flags! Unfortunately due to time restraints and how seriously I took my marshalling duty I didn't get a photo during the race!

Here are some photos prior to the start of the race!

The registration van is behind the two cyclists.

Starting line is at the orange cones.

Last minute preparations and advice from Bob Pratt, the Club President

For those interested the results can be found here. You will see that the winner Charles Salmon who is a Kapiti College Student did a time that works out at an average speed of over 40 km [25 miles] an hour! Not bad at all for a young fellow!


Lea said...

Sounds like a very important job! Do you get to choose where you stand or do they tell you where you are scheduled to stand? I'm guessing next week you'll be joining the faster group again?

blackhuff said...

Interesting to hear from an official who work at cycling events. Your side of the story. I did not thought about how difficult their job can be.

Ellie said...

I love how you just throw yourelf into your sports in all ways. Sounds as if you enjoyed the marshalling.

Victor e suas opiniƵes said...

lyIts quite cool to read, I think you liked the marshaling!1