Saturday, 14 January 2012

Birthday Dinner

Jo did manage to get the barbecue going between showers while I picked the girls up from swimming. She cooked up chicken and sausages with zucchini from the garden.

The meat was accompanied with salad and home made garlic bread.

Of course the meal would not be complete without a glass of wine.

Alice brought out the birthday boy's cake with accompanying song!

It had 8 candles! Five for each decade + Three!

It was a yummy chocolate cake that was topped with homemade ice-cream and chocolate sauce!

Garfield...the female version decided she wanted to get in 'midst the action!

A pleasant relaxing evening was spent watching X Factor and Graham Norton!

Thank you Jo and girls for a lovely 53rd Birthday!


Ellie said...

Sounds like a perfect end to your birthday. :))

Lea said...

Lovely photos Paul. Looks like you had a great time celebrating your birthday.

Victor e suas opiniƵes said...

That`s look a amazi diner, hope u enjoy ur end of ur brithday!!

Kevin and Ruth said...

Happy Belated Birthday! We haven't really had internet the last few days. Had to go down the road for some orange juice in order to get it so I am a little behind on blogs. Glad you had a great day with the family.

Kevin and Ruth

Paul said...

Hi Victor
My end of my birthday was great thank you. I liked meeting your mum!

blackhuff said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday.