Thursday, 5 January 2012

Queenstown Part 1

After the excitement of Paragliding it was down to earth with taking in some of the sights of Queenstown at ground level.

Queenstown is a mecca of tourism because of it's beautiful location nestled beside Lake Wakatipu and surrounded by the Remarkables mountain range and other majestic peaks.

We started our second day by having a walk around the Millbrook Resort. A place where the rich and famous go to relax in picturesque surroundings.

After that we visited the ancient town of Arrowtown.

Do you know this man?

At the fringe of the town we investigated some remains of an ancient Indian settlement. Large numbers of Indian immigrants came and settled in Arrowtown to try and make their fortune during the Gold Rush!

It was another warm day and we desperately needed to cool off at the lake.

After a few hours of being a tourist we headed back to our accomodation for some rest and relaxation!

For dinner we headed into town for the biggest burgers we had ever eaten! They were delicious!


Lea said...

Stunning photos Paul. Queenstown looks like an amazing place to visit! Oh and where do I claim my $500 reward? I spotted "that man" just this afternoon :-).

amanda said...

Arrowtown seems to be a lovely place to visit. Some interesting history. Looks like you and your beautiful family had an amazing time.

Victor e suas opiniƵes said...
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Victor e suas opiniƵes said...

Hi Mr. Paul, its being fine here. I can see that u have a great time with ur family ;)

Paul said...

Hi Victor
Yes we had a lovely time on holiday! I'm sure you had fun on your cruise!

Kevin and Ruth said...

Wow, sounds like you had a great time on your holidays. I really love the countryside there, it is so beautiful. Love the photos!

Kevin and Ruth

Maria said...

Thank you for sharing those photos Paul; they're beautiful. I've been to Arrowtown in July and thought it was lovely then but I can see from your pics that summer brings another type of beauty to the town.