Sunday, 29 January 2012

State Capital Classic Ocean Swim

This morning we travelled to Wellington for the State Capital Classic Ocean Swim. I rode my bike and Jo took the girls in. Kate and Alice were entered for the 3.3 km event and Jo decided that the 1 km race would be enough for her with little recent swimming.

At 8:45 Kate and Alice had their race briefing that described the course and safety factors.

At 9:00 they made their way to the starting point.

When all the waves of swimmers were in position the race was ready to start. Kate was seeded in the elite group who wore red caps and Alice was in the next wave wearing pink.

Kate had a fantastic race and outsprinted another Raumati Swimmer, Ruaan after swimming together most of the race.

Kate finished in 6th place among the elite women and 2nd under 20 swimmer.

Alice who had started in the second wave had a steady race and finished 5th in her age group. She came in behind a friend of hers, Hollie also a swimmer with the Raumati Swimming Club.

Unfortunately my battery died at the very moment Alice came in!

From left:  Kate, Hollie, Alice
Next it was Jo's turn to get ready to swim in the 1 km.

Jo rose to the challenge and swam strong.

These events would not be possible without the support on the course of the Life Guards.

After a tiring morning of swimming it was gelatos all round to celebrate their achievements.


Lea said...

Well done Jo, Kate and Alice. You did really well! Looks like it was a fun day for you all! And Paul, well done on biking all the way to the city. I couldn't do that!

All About People said...

Hi Paul,

It looks like a great day was had by all; well done to all on your achievements.

thank you for your comments on my blog Paul. I like yours very much because it is chock-a-block full of adventure.

I also listened to and liked the Music you set to Lea's poem for Bianca. :-)

Victor e suas opiniƵes said...

Well done for ur girls Mr. Paul, I could not even enter in the water hehehe

Ellie said...

Wow what a fit and energetic family you all are.
Well done to all your girls for doing so well.

Paul said...

Hi Victor
I'm with you! I'll be keeping to biking and running!

Paul Forster said...

Hi George
It was interesting finding out a little about you on your All About Me page. Lea has loaned me the Dale Carnegie book but sadly I'm struggling to find sufficient time to read it. I know I must get past the first chapter as I know it is life changing. Look forward to following your blog!