Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ocean Swimming

On our holiday to the Bay of Islands Jo and the girls swam in the Ocean Swim from Russel to Paihia. The swim was 3.3 km and they successfully completed the event. Kate finished 3rd in her age group and Alice finished 10 th in the non wet suit category. Jo was pleased just to complete it and as a poor swimmer myself I admire their efforts.

Kate is on the left.

Alice finishing with Russel in the background where they set off from!

Jo relieved to be getting out of the water after an hour of sustained effort!

Kate having collected her spoils!

After the event we took an exciting jet boat ride around several of the islands.

All decked out for the ride!

Great fun was had by all!

We were fortunate enough to see many playful dolphins.

This Sunday the girls will be competing in the State Capital Classic. This is from Oriental Bay, Wellington and involves a 3.3 km swim around the lighthouse! I will be there as support crew and a proud dad!


Lea said...

I heard the Bay of Islands is really nice. And well done to Kate for swimming so well.

You didn't tell me Jo and your girls are already entered to do the swim on Sunday...

Kevin and Ruth said...

Good job on the swimming, girls!

We have seen dolphins from far away, but never as many up close as your pictures project...very cool. We saw more whales today though!

Victor e suas opiniƵes said...

Mrs. Jo, Alice and Kate did really well!! and u too Mr. Paul you always take good photos! :)

Paul said...

Hi Victor
Glad you like my photos! How is Brazil going? We all miss you here!

Lea said...

Just noticed the swim caps - were Jo, Kate and Alice in different wave starts?

blackhuff said...

My first reaction when I saw the dolphin photos was: "Oh wow!" That is something special to see and something I would not mind seeing one day. That and whales :)

Victor e suas opiniƵes said...

Hi Mr. Paul, Here its all good and I am fine. How are you?