Thursday, 12 January 2012

Thursday Tri-Training

This post is not really about me it's about our youngest girl, Alice. She is a keen and talented tri-athlete and today was her main session for the week. More about that later.

The day started for me with a 110 km bike ride around the aka block. It involves some decent hills including Paekakariki, Moonshine and the Akas. I'm really enjoying my racing wheels and I'm finding that I'm beating some very good cyclists up the hill climbs.

This afternoon it was training for Alice at Whareroa Farm. Murray Ashley, her coach is a wonderful mentor for her and he also coaches Mitchell Rutter, a national triathlon medalist.

Today it was just me and Alice doing the training. After my long ride in the morning I settled for only doing the ride. Alice and I had a steady hard ride of 17 km that we did in under 33 minutes. After the ride Alice did a 4.5 km run to the beach return. I just did a 2 km easy run. I felt surprisingly good considering the morning ride.

Alice is really motivated and determined to win a medal at the National Triathlon in April at Lake Karapiro. She finished 5th two years ago and I'm sure with the commitment she is showing to her training she has a realistic chance.

A reflective Alice with her coach, Murray before training

A light-hearted Alice before training

Alice in transition from the bike to the run

Alice not happy about being photoed at the end of the run


Lea White said...

A big day for you with all your cycling! And Alice seems to be doing really well.

blackhuff said...

Looking at these photos, Alice will surely win the competition. She looks determined and focused.
Good luck Alice.

affectionforfitness said...

Good luck, Alice! I'll be cheering you on!

Well, Paul, obviously you are a great success as a fitness role model!

:-) Marion

Ellie said...

Good luck to Alice, sounds as if she is very dedicated - just like her dad :))
I just wish I had a little bit of her motivation.

Don't unplug your hub said...

Good luck with all your ambitions Alice. Paul, your family tire me out just by thinking of all your athletic endeavours!