Thursday, 28 June 2012

Live Your Dreams

Once again I am somewhat starved for inspiration and feel I'm in a bit of a rut. I suppose we all get like that at times. I recently wrote about living in the present but I think it is also important to reflect and evaluate where you are at.

Sometimes decisions have to be made to make sure that your life satisfies, is fulfilling and feels right. It is difficult at times to make a clear judgement as often it is hard to let go of what we are familiar with yet may not be what is best for us. I have been told by close advisors to be analytical but sometimes the heart is the best guide as it can't be argued with. No amount of analysing can change deep emotions and desires.

My song Live Your Dreams may have been included in a post previously but I feel it is timely to include it now.

 Live Your Dreams
Let your beauty be seen...clear waters up-stream
You've got what it takes...go on live your dreams

They'll knock you down and mess you around
Inner strength is yours...just let it be found
Avoiding the traps...with feet on firm ground
As the fox in the hunt and the hare from the hound

                                             Life has been full of pushes and pulls
Too ready to their beck and call
You've stumbled and tumbled in falls and spills
Pick yourself up with drive and will

                                                Deep inside great passion abides
Attend to its simmering lies
Braced for action...concealed it hides
Awaiting its the moon to the tides

Begin to doubts annoy
Your calmness...composure...all glory is yours
Now as always...forever more

Are you living your dreams? Do you believe it is important to ask questions about where you are and where you might be going? 


Valerie said...

'No amount of analysing can change deep emotions and desires.'

Absolutely right, Paul. Too much analysing can tie you in knots. Let your heart dictate, that's what I feel. Loved the song.

Lea said...

Analysing is good in some instances, but sometimes we simply have to trust and believe. Not always easy especially when we don't always know what the road ahead looks like, but as you say sometimes the heart is the best guide! Love your song - the tune and the lyrics!

blackhuff said...

The decisions you talk about, that sometimes need to be made, are the ones which are the hardest :(
Love the lyrics to your song.

Kay G. said...

Best not to think TOO much about things, just go with the flow.
Love, laugh and live.