Thursday, 14 June 2012

Only You

As a song writer I explore varied themes but always in the back of my mind is the desire to reach people and hopefully touch them by my reflections and experiences.

Those followers who have listened to my songs know that I have written about sadness, joy and love. There have been moments of great despair in my life mixed in with hope and positivity.

A lot of my writing is a personal journal of myself as a dad, teacher and someone who has sought companionship and true love. My slant on love has often been romantic, dream like and idealistic and not necessarily based on what love really has been for me.

My original song Only You is written for all you lovers out there who have found that special someone who loves you uncompromisingly. That special someone who really digs you for who you are and is totally relaxed and comfortable in your presence. Ultimately your soul mate who can look in to your eyes and say I love Only You!


Lea said...

Love this song of yours Paul. I think it is one of your best and definitely one of my favourites of yours :-). To have a special someone like that in your life really makes life worthwhile and meaningful!

Don't unplug your hub. said...

I have just rejoined a dating site. Maybe there is still hope for me yet.
Mind you the woman I'm looking for must be wealthy, so that she can keep me in the style I want to become accustomed too!
Nice song Paul. Perhaps it might benefit from a penny whistle playing in the background. :-)

blackhuff said...

The way you see your songs, is the way I see my writing on my blog. It's a journal, "let out space" of my life but also a place where I hope to reach others with my words.
Cool song, Paul :)

Paul said...

Hi John
A penny whistle in the background would do wonders for the song. You've got a couple of years to perfect it before my return. Keep the bed warm for me.