Sunday, 10 June 2012

Harrier Honours

Yesterday was one of the big Harrier races for the season. The event is called the Dorne Cup and is over hurdles, through mud and streams and is 8 km [5 miles] distance.

I had an excellent run improving on my time by 2:30 from last year. I felt strong throughout the race and had a real battle for first place in the over 50 grade but couldn't quite beat my competition. Graeme and I exchanged the lead a number of times but he finished a little stronger than me beating me by about 5 seconds with me claiming the Silver Medal which I hope turns up some time soon..

Our number one supporter in the Wellington Masters team, Mark kindly took splits of our team over the two laps. He got my time as almost 2 minutes quicker than the next runner in our team.
A most pleasing start to the main competitive part of the season!

Unfortunately still no photos due to connection troubles!


Ellie said...

Oh well done - 2 minutes better is a great time.

Lea said...

Well done Paul, amazing result! You must be really proud.

Valerie said...

Yes, well done, Paul. Silver, eh, next time gold?

affectionforfitness said...

Super great! I be that improving your time is so exhilarating. :D

:-) Marion

Kevin and Ruth said...

Great job on the race. Nothing wrong with second when there was only a 5 second difference. You sure keep yourself active!

Kevin and Ruth