Friday, 8 June 2012

An Empty Vessel

I think I've lost a lot of my readers so I will keep this short. It could have something to do with my less than positive recent posts or simply due to my slackness in commenting on others' posts. Times have been a bit difficult lately but I'm chugging along and I believe I am on the up.

Today's post is another song recorded for me by Lea who has been fantastic with downloading my songs on to You Tube.

This original song written 2 weeks ago is called An Empty Vessel and is a love song dedicated to those special someones in your life that make getting up in the morning worthwhile, put a smile on your dial through the day and who you like to snuggle up close to in the evenings.

Please come back readers as I promise I will try and be a little more inspirational and avoid my self pity mode that I do seem to slip into from time to time.


Lea said...

It is good to hear that things are looking a bit more up for you. It is great being able to help you put your songs on Youtube to share with others. Love your song - it is great! You have done really well with all your new songs.

Becky said...

Hi Paul! I'm still here just been so exhausted after work these days I'm lucky if I get to read everyone's lovely posts. And we all go through "down" times. I have found that at about 44-45 I started questioning everything in my life and reassigning importance values. Working 60 to 70 hour weeks just wasn't cutting it and the money meant so little when I stepped back and looked at the whole picture of my life. I have found I long for time with family and friends more than gifts between us or STUFF purchased to try and outdo the neighbor. Hang in there every day is fresh and new and most of all BEAUTIFUL!

Ellie said...

Hi Paul, I'm still here!!! I'm sorry you feel as if you are losing readers - sometimes I think it is quieter than other with not so many people posting and reading.
Don't worry about being a wee bit down, it happens to everyone, just as long as you are picking up again. Take care!!

LatteJunkie said...

Still here, just been lurking rather than commenting and also started reading the blogs on reader rather than going to them as it's quicker in the morning.

Readers will stay with you, sometimes they just don't know how/what to comment.

Don't unplug your hub. said...

Crikey mate. You don't seem THAT down. I am way more down than you. I just make a joke of it. Today for example I was so down. You wouldn't know it though from my blog.
What might be a good idea is to start another blog. One where you can be as miserable as sin, and keep this blog for the happy stuff. Just a thought.

Buttons said...

Paul don't worry about commenting on my blog I sometimes never have a chance to comment so I understand. Blogging should not stress us out. It should be something we enjoy and not feel pressure. Life has to much of that as it is. Nice song PaulTake care and smile. Hug B

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul, stopping over from Becky's "life for us" blog.. I have listened to a few of your songs and enjoyed them very much.
Stop Over Sometime when your ready and say hello.