Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hard Lessons

After the highs of last weekend with my Silver success in the New Zealand Mountain Running Champs I had a harsh taste of reality in today's cycle race.

Cycling is a tough sport and highly competitive. I have a lot to learn but certainly I'm learning all the time. The main thing I've learnt is being aware of what the other riders are doing or anticipate when they might put in surges. Today's ride was quite an achievement but I know I can make improvements.

The race was 87 kms [55 miles] which I completed in 2:21 with an average speed of 37 kph [22 miles]. Top speed was 68 km [42 miles]. Hope I'm not tiring you out with facts and figures. Overall, philosophically speaking, I did well!

This brings me on to a comment that was on John's post. Actually on a poster on John's post. It said "Life's Too Short". A song I wrote a couple of years ago has the lines "Life is too short we all well know. Get yourself going don't be a no show.''

Exercise for me is a way of feeling truly alive and motivated to live healthy. I like to challenge myself to see what I can achieve with hard work and determination. Running and cycling competitively is my way of finding out about myself and testing myself against other like minded people.

As I get older I become more aware of time and how precious it is and I want to take every opportunity that comes my way. If you don't have a go how do you know what can be achieved and what is your potential.

Here is my song Feel The Rhythm that I performed at Lembas Cafe on Friday night and Lea videoed for me!

Please tell me if any lyrics spoke to you!


Lea White said...

An average speed of 37kph??!!!! Wow, that is sooooo fast!

Well done with your race Paul. You are an inspiration that even though it is something you find harder you never give up. You just keep going. Love your attitude to life and how you take the opportunities given to you.

The song is great. As you know one of my favourites. All the words in this song speak to me!

Kay G. said...

Dear Paul,
My brother in law was in a bike race in Anniston, Alabama yesterday and we could watch it live on the inter-net. Just at the very end, there was a crash and several bikers went down (Can't imagine how fast they were going). I hope that those bikers are okay and I hope they don't give up.
Do you know the song "If You're Going Through Hell" by Rodney Atkins? It's a good song, it is based on an old Irish expression, I believe.
I really like your positive attitude and the way that you can express it in your actions and in your music. Good job and like Lea said above, you are sooooooo fast!

Don't unplug your hub. said...

Are you sure you don't have an engine on your bike? That is fast!
Loved the song.

affectionforfitness said...

Hi Paul! I also find so much self-exploration in fitness. I think that that is one of the best aspects of fitness.

Oh, I love that you sang at a coffee shop! You had a gig! We need more troubadours in this world.

:-) Marion

Kevin and Ruth said...

Great job on the cycling race. I so totally agree with you, that we need to push ourselves. Just because we may be older is no excuse to not go out there and try to do something that you don't think you could do, if anything it is all the more reason too. Too many people get sick or even die before they do some of the things they want to do. You need to have the guts to JUST DO IT!

Don't forget to vote for us,

Kevin and Ruth

Anonymous said...

Cycling is certainly tough. I still have lots to learn to. I did a lot of hard work in my race and at one point on the first lap when the master 5 men made a break I went to but got dropped on that big long hill and ended up cycling by myself for about 8kms until rest of group caught up. I thought it was abit unfair how us master women had to race with the master 5 men. Im still thinking a lot on my race. I know I did alot of hard work when I didnt need to. Its not like running when you try to improve on your time. Its all tactics with cycling. Also about changing into the right gears. I still make mistakes and wonder at times if I will ever get it right. I guess we just have to keep listening to Bob and keep trying. See you on Wednesday.

Paul said...

Hi Dianna
Thanks for the comment! Bob knows best so as he always tell me 'be patient'. Well done on your second place. See you Wednesday!

Paul said...

Hi Kay
Thanks for the positive comment! No I don't know the song but I will look it up! Bike racing is dangerous as they ride close together in big bunches at great speed!