Thursday, 5 April 2012

Sweet Success

There has been a somewhat negative spin on some of my recent posts that I want to rectify today.

Throughout life we have highs and lows and at times have to dig ourselves out of a deep trough.

I have certainly celebrated success in running and teaching and I feel that I have been successful as a dad.

This poem / song I wrote 8 years ago is dedicated to those times when we have been at our happiest bathing in the glory of Sweet Success.

Sweet Success

Have passed the test...sweet success
Done our second best
We settle for...nothing less

At last...finally...we witness see
What long back now had promised to be
Never too late...the feeling great
Savouring the taste of victory

Anxious hearts have filled with glee
Uncertain doubts quickly flee
Cheery and bright that once was night
Shining the light of victory

Had seemed far off...little gain
As battled the rain
Now you fly...high and dry
Soaring the heights of victory

Soaked up the heat...found safe retreat
Clutched from the jaws of defeat
Found rest and peace...joyous release
Nestled in the breast of victory

Here is a recent recording made under the professional guidance of Lea!

Feel free to share any past or recent successes!


Lea said...

I absolutely love this song Paul! I think it is going to be one of my favourites :-)

I just want to say you are a great inspiration Paul because you are such an amazing athlete and teacher and you are so completely devoted to your girls!

For me I am very proud of having done the two triathlons and even though incredibly hard completed the walk on Sunday. The Funrazor is also something I feel very proud of (but then I had such a great team on my side) :-)

affectionforfitness said...

Paul, I do think you add something to my life that makes it better. :D

:-) Marion

Don't unplug your hub. said...

I think we artistic people do have lots of peaks and troughs. It is because we think deeply about things.
Another inspirational song.

Paul said...

Hi Marion
Really appreciate the comment. Has made my day. All the best in your quest for healthy living!