Sunday, 29 April 2012

Ruin All The Fun

Apparently, so I'm told regularly, men would be lost without women!

Admittedly, having women in your life, obviously not too many at the same time, makes life a lot more interesting. With the gender differences however these relationships aren't always a bed of roses or a box of chocolates. Sometimes they can be a bit prickly and sometimes you might find yourself left with just the hard caramels.

If you don't like this song I wrote and recently recorded you can blame Lea as she put me up to it! I can't blame her for the lyrics but it was her idea to record it. Since she likes the song so much I'm hopeful it won't offend my female readers.

Don't take the lyrics too seriously as it is only supposed to be a bit of fun and the content bears [or should it be bares] no reference to any females in my past or present.

After all that apologising I'm ready to jeopardise my blogging future by inserting an original song called 'Ruin all the Fun'.


Lea said...

I agree - men would be lost without women. If it wasn't for a female influence you would not have been blogging right now for instance (okay maybe you'd have more free time, but hey who needs free time if you can be blogging...) :-).

I do indeed really like this song!

Kay G. said...

I am with Lea, I really like this song too! And women, the really wise ones (like Lea and myself) know that men really need and love us, it's just hard for them to understand this!
"Get yourself a hobby and leave me alone". I love that!
You should make t-shirts, with the front saying "Get yourself a hobby" and the back saying "Leave Me alone". I would buy it!

Ellie said...

Yup I have to agree with both of the above. Men would be lost without us lol.
Have not time to listen to your song - rushing out to work - but will tune in when I get back.

blackhuff said...

I disagree with that statement, based on my husband. If men was like my husband, they sure would not be lost.

Don't unplug your hub. said...

I think I'm one of the lost men, the women are talking about!

Buttons said...

I truly think Lea is a very smart woman. Love the song and it did not offend:) I blog so I am sure my husband enjoys my hobby. John is funny. :)B