Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Feel the Rhythm

Nothing particularly deep and meaningful to share today!

Have had a day of recording my recent music on the computer and a few organisational matters for my trip to Germany and London in May. Have made my accomodation booking for Germany and picked up my flight tickets!

The New Zealand Mountain Running Championships that I competed in on the weekend has given me confidence for a high placing in the World Champs in Buhlertal, Germany next month.

Here is a cheery number called Feel The Rhythm that Lea recorded for me last week.

Hope the lyrics give you a lift!


Sarah said...

London and Germany...Paul, just a little fore warning, your luggage will be Sarah sized heavier than you expect it to be :) Two of my favourite places :) Enjoy them both :)

Sarah said...

and best of luck for your races over there, and catching up with friends :) It'll be great couple of/few (/) weeks :) and just starting to get warm!!

Lea said...

I know you will do great in Germany. You are well prepared! Love this song - one of my favourites. Was a nice cheerful tune after a frustrating day.

Ellie said...

Wow, Germany that sounds like fun. I'm sure you will knock their socks off.