Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Birthday Celebration

One of our exceedingly beautiful daughters, Kate [hope you don't mind John] celebrated her 19th birthday today.

I have been going through some really old family videos and attempted to take some photos. The following photos are of Kate at 3 years old. Not great quality but they bring back memories and are fun to look back on.

Kate with my dad with the hat and Uncle Tom at Georgie Pie

All these photos were taken on the train at Aotea Lagoon, Porirua

We had pizza and pasta at our local Mediterranean restaurant which was yummy!

The girls did really enjoy their meal

Followed by a birthday cake made by Jo and decorated by Alice!

Lea a short time ago put this video clip together from my song for Kate written about 10 years ago. Hope you like 'A Joy To behold'


Lea said...

Happy birthday Kate. Hope you had a great day!

blackhuff said...

Happy Birthday Kate.

Don't unplug your hub. said...

Happy Birthday to Kate!
Profuse apologies for the unfortunate coincidence with my blog title.

Ellie said...

Happy Birthday to Kate - you have a lovely family Paul.

Becky said...


Victor e suas opiniƵes said...

Hb Kate, really nice video and song Mr. Paul! :)

Kay G. said...

Happy Birthday to Kate,
sorry I'm late!