Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Have just watched a DVD with my family about a man who wished his life away through all the boring bits but as he did so he missed out on all the good stuff too. Before he knew it his life was over!

A real message in this movie. How much time do we spend complaining about our lives and not appreciating life itself with all its ups and downs? As we know life goes by far too quickly.

Here are some memories once more of our Alice in her early years. I am happy to say that I did really appreciate the children but needed the help of the Click button on the video and the camera to bring these photos to you!

Would never have wished this time away for anything because they were precious and you can't go back though I do like to re-live those special memories.

Hope you like the photos of Alice from her early years!

The above photos were taken at Kindy during a Xmas Concert

Alice copying her big sister reading a book!


Lea said...

A very good post Paul and such a great message! So true! It is neat that you can go back to your videos and photos and re-live some of the memories. Alice sure was really cute!

Kevin and Ruth said...

It's always nice to look back and see all the special memories we have good and bad. I think people need to live every day like it would be their last as no one is given a guarantee to how long we have on this earth.

Whenever I am at my Dad's I try to take time to scan some of our old photos so that I have them with me when we travel. I have been going back year by year and am now at the year our daughter was born, but I still have many more years to go. It is fun looking at the old styles back then and seeing such young faces and family and friends.

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Kevin and Ruth

Ellie said...

Wonderful pictures again Paul. I love going round to my mum and dad's and looking at all of their old pictures. You can't really beat looking through a photo album.

Don't unplug your hub. said...

What a coincidence. Yesterday I posted some old pics on facebook. Unfortunately they made me feel sad on this occasion. They were of the VW camper I once owned. I do miss it.:-)
Alice is beautiful.

Kay G. said...

Big-eyed Alice is a doll!
And from your post, I now know that you call kindergarten, "kindy"!

affectionforfitness said...

You know, Paul, when I see the pictures of my 4 kids at that age, all I can remember is how much they drove me nuts! :D

Now that I'm older, I'm quite a bit better at savoring moments. I used to be all about trying to make life as perfect as possible! <<which never ever worked. Great post!

:-) Marion

Valerie said...

I agree with you, life is too precious to wish away. Love the pictures of Alice, she was/is a beautiful girl.

People moan about technology. If only they would look at the advantages it has.