Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hard Rode

Thought I would give a brief report on last weekend's National Road Cycling Champs.

Drove up to Hastings after school on Friday. Members of the Kapiti Cycling Club were staying in a most comfortable house that most importantly had Sky Sport. Had a quiet evening relaxing in front of the Box as some of the team were competing the next day.

Saturday dawned somewhat chilly but a pleasant day greeted our cyclists!

Bryan Perkins and Joe Clarkson commenced their race in the 45 - 49 age group at 9:00 with Perky taking out 2nd in the mass sprint. Bob, our coach uttered with delight "that's added 5 years on to my life." It was the club's first national medal for 8 years when Bob himself had won his silver in the 60+ age group.

Bryan proudly standing on the podium

There was more excitement for Bob as another of his proteges Dianna Borman dug deep to win silver in the mass sprint in the 50 - 54 age group.

Dianna on the left having received her silver

Perky and the rest of the team headed out to celebrate on Saturday night while Neil Harwood and myself watched the Warriors league team win. Neil and I discussed tactics for our next day's racing.

 However all our talk didn't quite measure up in our race though both of us gave our all. Our race was 3 x 28 km with several tough climbs each lap. My goal was to do better than a few weeks ago and keep with the group throughout the first lap and hopefully a lot longer. I achieved my initial goal but half way through the second lap the pace became a bit hot. Neil managed to stay with the bunch a bit longer than me but struggled on the hills on the second lap. Neil finished in 2:26 and my time was 2:32.

Neil and I after our race

I had to shoot off straight after my race to drive home. Our top club cyclist Finlay Brazier had to ride 3 more laps than me and finished a most creditable 6th place, only splits from the win.

It was a wonderful weekend away and great experience for me in the art of top cycle racing that I'm slowly coming to terms with. It is extremely difficult I'm finding to compete in cycling while my main sport is running. I am enjoying the challenge and learning a lot. 


Lea said...

Well done to all of you. I think you are doing well even if you find it really hard.

blackhuff said...

Well done to you and your team members. I too think you're doing very well and I'm sorry to read that you feel that you are finding it so hard.

Valerie said...

Well done everyone. You can tell I know nothing about racing, I didn't even realise there were age groups, or rather an age group for older people.