Thursday, 3 May 2012

Division Day

Lea and I share a passion for Elliott Smith who I introduced her to late last year. His lyrics reflect his sad life. He was brought up by his step dad that apparently used to beat him up and he never seemed to come to terms with it. Sadly he ended his life at the age of 34.

I absolutely love his music that I first heard about 6 years ago and have constantly listened to since.

Not sure if I have posted this song before but here is one of my favourite Elliott Smith songs I had a go at recently that Lea recorded for me called Division Day:-

Here are the lyrics followed by my You Tube recording that Lea recorded! Hope you like it!

Division Day

There was a grown man dying from fright
So surprised by the things he'd say
With a giant fantasy life
Running 'round on feet of clay

Naked except for a perpetual debt
That couldn't be stripped away
An unrightable wrong that moved him
Along closer to division day

Spent a long time living with that
Never could give it a name
And when you don't know what you're looking at it
makes it much harder to take

Mostly they'd meet when he was asleep
and have some sick exchange
That stuck him as wrong and moved him along
closer to division day

I can't make an exception for a bad connection
that only goes one way
Sell out for a song where I don't belong
With you on division day

The moon stood up on the ridge
Looking down where the water shines
And a man looking over the bridge
Like he done so many times

Thinking about how to stay out
Out of troubles way
Flying to fall away from you all
It's over division day
Beautiful division day

Will be away for a few days at the National Cycling Champs so will contact when I get back hopefully with some choice pics! Happy blogging!

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Lea said...

Love this song - one of my favourites. Such a tragic way things ended for him!