Thursday, 31 May 2012

Happy Day

Spent a thoroughly enjoyable 24 hours with my buddy friend, John at his patch in West Sussex!

I was somewhat apprehensive but excited about getting in contact as meeting people through the internet can be a risky business. To my great surprise John was quite the host and made me feel extremely comfortable. Especially since he generously let me have his bed.

After being picked up from the Barnham station he took me to his spacious property that he shared with Sadie, Sonny Jim and a few other family members.

I got to share a lager with Tricia and met his extremely handsome son, George.

John and Tricia enjoying the sunshine and my rivetting company

We then took Sadie for a walk to the local village to buy some provisions for dinner and some beer to accompany our music sessions. Mainly drunk by me or was it all I can't remember!

John cooked up a wonderful roast chicken meal and following dinner we headed to an open mic night. John and I managed to perform a number of tracks to a small but knowledgable and appreciative audience.

John trying to work out why he is on stage with me

John looking on admiringly at my immense musical talent

Opem Mic night at Bognor Regis featuring John and Paul

The following day John kindly took a 5 minute sketch of me that lasted half an hour. He did a great job but confessed he was a little nervous as he wanted to get it right for me having spent all this money to come over and see him. He did really well. Will include a better view on another post.

John outside his wagon holding my sketch

Thank you John for being such easy company and sharing your home with me. It was a most enjoyable and relaxing excursion out of London. Look forward to catching up again in a couple of years. I hope the open invitation will be still valid. I better be careful what I say about him in my posts as he is an extremely sensitive young man!


Lea said...

It is great reading about your visit. Sounds like you had a great time! Great photos!

Valerie said...

Nice pics. Great reminders of a happy day.

Don't unplug your hub. said...

It was great to meet you Paul and you will always be welcomed here.
I forgot to take a photo of the brilliant portrait I drew of you, so hope you can put a copy on here somewhere for me.

Ellie said...

Nice to read about and see your pictures of your visit. It sounds like you two got on great which is really lovely.