Friday, 25 May 2012

Sad Farewell

Well sadly all good things come to an end and fast approaches the time I must return to my homeland. I've had lots of great experiences!

Competing in Germany in the World Masters Mountain Running was the biggest challenge but we got through with a reasonable performance. The competition proved tougher than I could have imagined. Spending a few days in the Black Forest was special with the marvellous scenery.

Have been in London since Sunday and it has been wonderful to catch up with friends.

Staying with John in Yapton was one of the highlights. Don't want you to get too big headed!

Due to the long distance I need to travel home I will not be accessing my blog for a few days. I have a lot of great memories and these will be shared through photos next week.

Don't worry Valerie I will come up with some interesting anecdotes about John. He has given me permission to bare all. At least that was my interpretation of what he said.


Lea said...

Sadly all good trips have to come to an end. I'm sure you will have many great memories from your trip. Travel safely and look forward to reading all about your adventures and seeing some photos!

Kay G. said...

Have you read John's post about your visit? I have laughed so hard that my mascara is all down my face! Now, I have to go fix my make-up, and Paul, I NEED that makeup, ask anybody!
So glad you had such a good time!
And look forward to hearing more!

Paul said...

Hi Kate
The only truth in John's post is that I am a genuinely nice guy. Too nice for that John Bain character. He's not really my type! Seriously we did have a great time together. Was great to share music with him!

Paul said...

Hi Lea
Look forward to sharing those times with John soon. He might not like it as much!

Paul said...

Hi Lea
Look forward to sharing those times with John soon. He might not like it as much!

Valerie said...

Hope your journey home is/was enjoyable. Looking forward to those anecdotes.

Don't unplug your hub. said...

Safe journey home Paul. I'm hoping that jet lag may make you forget some of those anecdotes!