Monday, 5 December 2011

Saturday Summer Run

On Saturday Wellington Harriers had their summer run from Gary's place in Raumati South.

He turned on a magnificent day for us and took us around some of his running tracks. There was a great turn out of runners and walkers. Gary not only turned on fantastic weather but made sure we were well catered for with a cold drink and ample food afterwards.

Here are some photos of what we saw on our travels on the Kapiti Coast walkways and beaches.

Getting set to go

We're off

Along Raumati South Beach with Kapiti Island in the background.

Front runners heading to Lookout

Time to take in the view for a moment

and catch our breath.

How about a group photo to show our grand children if they are at all interested.

I managed to get into this one [on seat 3rd from the left] Obviously it was very warm!

Some of the boys are feeling frisky.

Another team photo

Liam 19 who we picked up along the way making his move.

Back on to the beach to get some sea breeze.

Round 1 of the New Zealand Surf Boat Competition at Paekakariki Beach.

Paekakariki Lookout

Was worth the effort!

Time to head home.

A good spread was waiting for us.

Plenty of food and drink to replenish lost energy.

Telling a few stories of past glories

and sorting out the problems of the world.

Thanks Gary for hosting a scenic and enjoyable run. Everyone enjoyed the challenge under sunny skies and the after match function.


Lea said...

The person who hosts it, do they get to choose the route? Looks like you were a nice group doing it together! Love the photos! Parts of it look like hard work. A shame no photo of you as well!

Paul said...

Have included one now Lea as it has just been sent to me! As you can see it was a hot day.

Ellie said...

Great shots, you passed some beautiful scenery along your run. It looks like it must have been a very hot day!!!

affectionforfitness said...

That sounds like an excellent time! Nothing like sorting out the world after a perfect exercise excursion and good food with friends. I wish that all people could experience fitness that way--they'd love it--like we do.

:-) Marion

Sheri - The Motivational Girl said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Saturday run! How far was it?

Well done Paul!