Thursday, 15 December 2011


Continuing the theme of Tuesday I have had the last 2 days pre-occupied with bikes.

Yesterday morning I started the day fixing a puncture and within 10 minutes of leaving home for work discovered my back tyre was down. I was riding my old racing bike now called the hack for it's constant troubles and expenses. I rode on the rim back home and hopped on my new bike that has been thrashed a bit lately and is starting to cost me money.

After school I spent another hour repairing punctured tubes.

I decided last week to purchase second hand racing wheels at some expense and have discovered since the purchase that they require some expensive alterations to my bike to use them.

Biking sadly is keeping me poor and it is upsetting to have an activity I love cost me so much in upkeep. All I need for my running is a $200 pair of shoes every 6 months. On top of the $3000 I paid for my new bike I have spent at least another $1500 to replace parts and keep it on the road in one year.

Today was a wet ride home and a puncture on the other wheel. I suppose it doesn't always rain sometimes it pours.

However having had my moan I suppose it's the price I have to pay to continue doing an activity that is challenging and rewarding. I get a great sense of satisfaction from biking long distances and riding at speed.

I'm looking forward to seeing the difference my new light weight racing wheels make when I recommence my bike racing in the New Year.


Lea said...

Wow, biking is an expensive "hobby". And it must be so frustrating to deal with the punctures. Especially at a time when you are on the way to school or like today when it was raining! Were you still far from home when that happened?

blackhuff said...

Paul, I think any hobby is expensive. Even my weight training and running, can become so expensive. Good luck with all those biking expenses.

Kevin and Ruth said...

Yep, that's sounds pretty pricey but when you consider that when you use your bike lots you are probably saving wear and tear on the car as well as gas money and you are also keeping yourself fit which can help to add many years to your life. It's a good trade off, I think.

Kevin and Ruth