Sunday, 4 December 2011

At the Car Wash

Swimming is an expensive business and we have found ourselves at times fundraising to help with getting our children to swim camps and competitions.

Today we did a Car Wash at Placemakers, Paraparaumu for 2 hours. There were only 3 of us as Alice had a Youth Council weekend to attend.

Business was steady and at one point we had 4 cars to wash all at the same time. Our clients were extremely patient but we were giving them a great deal of $5 for a thorough wash and riveting conversations. One customer was so impressed with the job Kate did that he gave her a bonus $5, specifically to be spent on herself.

Doing these car washes though at times an inconvenience has been an excellent way to show our girls that money doesn't grow on trees. If you want something out of life it has to be worked for.

Trust me we washed more than one car. In fact we washed 15. This was our lucky last customer and it was the only chance I had to get an action photo. Kate felt she looked less than flattering but I suppose it's hard to look your best when you have to deal with the dirt and grime of a Car Wah.

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Lea said...

Looks like hard work! A great way to get the kids to work for the things they want!