Saturday, 10 December 2011

Please join me in a Saturday run 14km [9 miles]

Some of you enjoyed a scenic run from my place a while back and I thought I'd take you on a slightly longer run today. Hope you have been building up your training since the last time.

We once again set off from my place. There will be a lot of cross country running so will have to watch your footing. We will be returning along the Coastal Track. Make sure you do a a few gentle stretches before we leave.

The first part is 400 metres road before entering the Raumati South School grounds.

Behind the school is your first track to negotiate. You will need to take care as it has become a little overgrown with prickly berry bushes

A short road run takes you to the main cross country part of the course with the occasional fence to negotiate. You are now on your own. Follow the prompts

Just some gentle rolling hills

Head for the hay bails and tree

The locals are keeping a close eye

More open pasture land

Take in the escarpment hills. We'll leave those hills for another day.

Heading for the tree in the distance.

I've warned you about these bees so give them a wide berth.

You could get your feet wet here.

Or perhaps you prefer the bridge.

As you can see we've had a lot of rain lately so the grass is quite long

You've now entered Queen Elizabeth Park

Take in the surrounding hills but make sure you read the sign first.

Follow the tram line.

That was a bit close!

On the homeward journey.

Do take time to look out over the ocean.

Make sure you keep to the track. You're doing well! Only a few kms to go!

You've made it safely back. Hope you enjoyed my longish run!


Lea said...

Great photos! And what a great run, am not even in the slightest bit tired. Running with you is really easy ;-).

Ellie said...

That was a good post Paul, nice to see some of your scenery. Set me up nicely for the day with that run lol.

Victor e suas opiniões said...

Great photos!! You run a lot!!!

Sheri - The Motivational Girl said...

What a scenic place you live and to be able to experience what running brings on it! Thanks for sharing!

Paul Forster said...

Hi Victor
Thanks for joining me on the run. Hope all is well in Brazil.