Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Just a short post tonight to show off my medal! This year is the 25th Anniversary of the North Island Cross Country being held at Spa Park, Taupo! A special commemorative medal was made to acknowledge the event which I'm proud to say I was a bronze recipient.

Hope you are green with envy but probably more so glad that you don't subject yourself to the pain and suffering I endured to get it. Thank you readers who commented how good I looked during the race as I haven't always had such positive responses to the state of my being in competition.

Click here for race results link


Lea said...

Amazing result Paul and what a cool looking medal! You should be really proud. Well done! You run so fast!

Don't unplug your hub. said...

Well done Paul. I am looking forward to our next race when you visit here again. I have never won a medal. George has lots though. Sometimes he lets me clean them for him!

Valerie said...

The medals are very attractive. Hope you have them on display.